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Welcome to the North West Interconnected System (NWIS) website

In March 2002, the NWIS Forum was convened in the form of a High Voltage Power Case. The workshop was convened to:


Improve all communications between all the participanting entities of the NWIS.


To use the combined knowledge and experience of the High Voltage switching process from all participating entities.


The protocol would express agreement by all the participating entities on the minimum desirable standard process for the High Voltage Switching on the NWIS.


The Forum comprises representatives from the four owners of the NWIS. The scope of the Forum has since been extended to include the operation of the NWIS power system.

This website has been set up to enable the protocols and processes, which are common to the operation of NWIS, to be shared between the participating parties.

The Horizon Power representative has been nominated to have the responsibility for updating the Operating Protocol documents and will provide these to the other parties.

Horizon Power is hosting this website and their representative will maintain the content and security of this facility.

The other parties can download the information once they have obtained their login credential.