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Access information

This page contains information to assist applicants seeking access to Horizon Power's covered network including instruments required to be published in accordance with the Pilbara Networks Access Code 2021

System Description and User Access Guide

The Pilbara Independent System Operator (ISO) is currently developing the ‘Access and Connection Procedure’ (Procedure) as set out under the Pilbara Networks Rules (PNR). The ISO has published the interim Procedure, which outlines ISO’s access and connection process as well as roles and responsibilities of those participating in that process (including information required to be sent to the ISO for assessment and approval). ISO will charge for the costs of performing access and connection related functions and the Applicant will be liable for such ISO costs.

When the final Procedure is finalised and published by ISO, Horizon Power will update the User Access Guide accordingly.


Services and Pricing Policy

April 2023: The Services and Pricing Policy has been updated with the 'Price List 2023-24'.


Network Development Policy


Public consultation

Horizon Power has completed the public consultation process as required under the Pilbara Networks Access Code 2021. Please see below some of the documents published during the public consultation process. Please contact us to obtain copies of draft versions of the above documents.

Ringfencing Rules

Visit the ERA's website for a copy of the ERA's determination on Horizon Power's ringfencing rules. 

Metering Code and Customer Transfer Code

Visit here and click "Metering services" for information and documents relating to Metering Services (including a copy of Metering Service Level Agreement and the Communication Rules). 


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